Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chinese Theme Wedding Cake

My first wedding cake customer and friend, Danielle ordered this cake for her cousin's wedding. He is a farmer (fruits) and he is going to marry a Vietnamese girl this weekend.
I saw similar shape wedding cake long time ago. When Danielle said her cousin plants watermelons the first thing that came into my mind is this ball shape tiers. I sketched the design with the few specs in mind - traditional, Chinese, Vietnamese, fruits....and I'm so happy how the real cake turned out.
The top tier is to resemble watermelon; the second a Chinese drum; and the third? Anything you can think of, haha...

I piped the Chinese character, double happiness with royal icing and painted them with gold dust.

The bride is supposed to look straight but I woke up finding her looking up as well. Her head gear must have been too heavy for her, haha.....
Their costumes were painted with gold dust. The bride is wearing Vietnamese wedding costume while the groom is Chinese. Actually after doing search at google I found that Vietnamese groom costume is very similar to Chinese. The marked difference is the cap/little hat.
P/S: Forgot to mention that Danielle requested me to make a fat groom as that's the size of her cousin ;p

This one look more like lantern than drum now. Anyhow, both also part of the festivities/celebrations in Chinese culture. The little fondant hearts were each dusted with gold dust before sticking them onto the cake.

I did the flowers a few days earlier to let dry before the final decoration. I like this effect. Traditionally, the red clothe tied into a knob resembling a flower is actually worn by the groom and there's another one being held by the groom and the bride at each end.

Bought this 'double happiness' ribbon a year ago from a bookstore. Did not get a chance to use it until today ;o)

I am proud of this cake as I designed it =D
The 3 tiers are carved from 7kg Orange Butter Cake. The bottom tier is 10" at the widest diameter.
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