Friday, September 4, 2009

21st Gift Box Cake

2-recipe Vanilla Butter Cake with fondant. The theme of the party is maroon. Ann, mother of Sheela Ann has been so nice I thought I would give her a standing bow instead of a flat bow. However, the weather does not permit it. The bow just won't stand, sigh.....and all maroon decorations do not dry too. Not only that, the color seeped through to all my white royal icing piping! I'm staying at a water catchment area...too much moist in the air when the sun doesn't shine hot and dry....groan.....
Customer's feedback: Very nice. Everybody liked the cake. Not enough to give second helping =D

Small Souffle Cupcake Roses as party favors.

The pretty young lady who turned 21 last Saturday, and of course, the busy-body-baker me la, hahaha... I was warmly invited to Sheela's party and had authentic Indian food at Taipan ;D