Thursday, August 6, 2009

Racing With Spongebob & Friends

2.5-recipe 8"x12"x4" oblong Choc Chip Prune Cake
I practically spent the whole day, from morning to night (10 hours) to decorate this cake. The killing part is to have everybody in running motions with most of the figurines standing only on one leg. I struggled the most with the big sister in pink behind Spongebob. She refused to stay in place and I had to re-do that particular figurine 5 times!!!
This cake was ordered by Jan, a wonderful customers who ordered 4 cakes in 4 consecutive weeks! She ordered Ballerina Cake, Mother & Son Cake Cupcake Combo, Farm Theme Piggie & Doggie Cake Cupcake Combo and up to now this one ;o) Looking forward to more exciting orders from her, haha....
Customer's feedback:
Cake arrived in Singapore in good condition. The flavor was very nice too.

This cake is traveling to Singapore this morning. It's too risky to have the flag in sugar. I've resorted to paper and glitter sands.

This one is the 2nd sister of the birthday boy. Patrick is dashing hard ;P

A close-up for everybody. It's a pity I have to take the photo indoor at night as the cake was sent off to the customer at 8pm.

A close-up of the 'girl' who caused me so much pain, haha...

Cutie...cutie...Patrick =D

When he saw Squidward my son said, "Mummy, Squidward legs are stuck together 2-by-2." So, corrections made. Really, I have a bunch of good critics at home, my 4 musketeers ;D