Saturday, August 1, 2009

2D Lightning McQueen

The order came in amidst other order I need to do for this weekend. It gave me some stressful moments as I couldn't get the Lightning McQueen icing image from the bakery supply shop. I have to propose this rather stressful alternative, fondant cut and paste....#p
Single-recipe American Chocolate Cake.
Honestly I haven't tasted American Chocolate Cake for a long time since I only did it many years ago. I sampled the crumbs from flattening this cake and wah lah...I like it much better than the moist chocolate cake. To me (must qualify since taste is a very subjective matter), it is more moist and more chocolaty. However, my daughter still prefer Moist Chocolate Cake. So, I leave it to my customers to make the choice :o)