Friday, August 7, 2009

Family Theme Novelty Cupcakes

This order came from Maureen's colleague. She ordered the cuppies for her husband's birthday. List given to me: Daddy, mummy (long hair), 2 girls (long hair), 1 boy, 1 baby boy, grandma (short and curly hair), grandpa (white hair) and kakak (short curly hair). The rest up to me. She want the theme to be a birthday celebration with the family.

"Honey, I love you!"...haha...just kidding... ;P
Notice mummy has eye-shadow and lipstick ;o)

Sorry Ah Gong, you look more like great grandmother...

Kakak is Indonesian domestic helper. Darker skin. Yes? No? Mine is :p

2-tier birthday cake. Not bad, hehe...