Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sushi Cupcakes

This loyal customer really is a cupcake craze :o) She just had my cupcakes 2 days ago and now she ordered this set for her own birthday. She loves sushi and requested me to do miniature sushi for the cupcakes.
I actually wanted to teal green and white but too much of coloring had changed it to light blue =P
25 Small Souffle Jaffa Chocolate Cupcakes with crusting buttercream and fondant 'sushi'.
Customer's feedback (in 2 sms, 1 before consumption, 1 after):
Tq faith! Tq 4 making mine a joyful bday! The sushi is so adorable..!
Really nice! A fren thot the mini sushi was real so he swallowed it whole. Haha...=D

This one and the salmon one are my favorites.