Friday, May 1, 2009

Noah's Ark Cake for Janson

My 2nd Noah's Ark Cake for 1-year old Janson.
Flavor: Moist Chocolate
Frosting: Chocolate Ganache
Icing: Fondant & Royal Icing
Decorations: Fondant & gumpaste
Size: 3kg. 2nd tier: 7"x4", Bottom tier: 10"x2.3"

Customer's feedback:my cell member said:
nice...i asked her if it was sweet, she said no coz she liked sweet stuff
my mom in law:
too sweet
my best friend said:
a bit sweet but the design was nice and that was good enough
my best friend's hubby said:
a bit sweet but the body texture is rich...with egg...nice
danielle's hubby who told me her sister got cupcakes from you. he said design nice but the taste was ok
my opinion:
icing a bit too sweet
to me the cake itself is nice What a funny way of giving me feedback. Like reporting, haha...
And this is from Danielle herself:
delicious... yummilicous... superb!!! Well done!
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