Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Sou Tou' Cake for Grandpa

This for was ordered for a grandpa's birthday celebration.
Carved from two 8" Orange Butter Cake. Miniatures are fondant.
Customer's feedback:
A standing ovation is what you need for your perfectly carved cake which touches many hearts, especially my Grandpa. The joy tears is something money can’t buy, but a beautiful work of such creativity and made with love can be made. (he really cried when he cut the cake!) I'm so touched. What greater joy than being able to bring joy. Thank you Grace for the feedback.
Although I am someone who doesn’t eat cakes, I agree with many that the cake is perfectly made (I did try tiny lil bit of it). Remarkable comment I gather was that the cake taste just nice, not too sweet and the taste blends very well.
And people are photocopying your name card! Be prepared to get more orders soon!

'Sou' meaning longevity, was painted in bronze pearl lustre dust.
Rather plain without the miniatures though.