Monday, April 27, 2009

Dibo The Gift Dragon for AVA

Another Dibo The Gift Dragon cake.
Single-recipe Marble Buttercake with gumpaste Dibo, Annie, Crono, Elo and Bunny and fondant accents.
Customer's feedback:
We were very amazed how much Dibo and gang looked like the real ones that we see on tv. The kids and adults 'wow'ed' when they see the cake. Ava's sister, Hannah, said "I am very sad cos i dun have a birthday cake". She's now looking forward to her birthday in September. The adults thought that the cake is nice but would be too sweet to be eaten. However, it surprised them that the marble cake taste as nice as it looks and its not too sweet ;)
The pandan cake has a strong pandan flavour which we really liked. It would be good if it has more pandan layered jelly. Nonetheless, we love the cake too and would order again the next time round!
Ava's mummy also ordered a Pandan Layered Cake together with the Dibo Cake. I didn't take photo of the cake as it was for home enjoyment and was not really decorated 8-)

Back view.

Annie had baked a cake and some yummy cookies for you, Ava :o)

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