Saturday, March 7, 2009

Camera Cake

This one was a torture. Wonder whether it's worth the price paid for all the agony suffered in trying to get the shape and buttons and features right for Dr Hazli who loves his Canon EOS 40D. I practically had to run to and fro between my computer, with my sketches from photos sent to me, and my working table.
Dark and strong colors are definitely a torture in rainy season too. Due to the large amount of coloring used to arrive at the dark color fondant tends to be sticky and wet when it's humid. Even imported gel/paste colorings suffers the same fate...sigh....
1-recipe Lemon Cake with Lemon Crusting Buttercream and black and grey fondant.
Customer's feedback: Hi Faith, your cake was a hit. Many asked where it was from. (So if you don't think that was worth it, I don't know what is! :P) The lemon cake was really moist and yummy, and the fondant icing was just nice, not too sweet. Quite nice, not too sweet. Quite a good job in all :)
Faith's comment: "fondant icing was just nice, not too sweet"...haha...see how taste can differ

As the board looked so plain and empty I decided to put some black & white stars to make it look nicer.