Monday, January 26, 2009

On NTV7 Breakfast Show 20 Jan 2009

I received a surprise call from NTV7 on 19 January 2009 morning asking whether I would like to appear on their breakfast show the next day. I was taken aback by the request and took some time to say 'yes'. Thanks to Ms Sharon who 'head-hunted' me ;o)
I was pretty nervous initially and perhaps throughout the whole 8-10 minutes I was on ;P After all it's the first time I appeared life on TV!!
The hosts, Naz and William Quah were really great. They made the chat easy and relaxing.
We chatted on the history and significance of some of the traditional cookies served during Chinese New Years.
Here are some photos taken at NTV7's news room and Sri Pentas of TV3. For the talk show do log on to "The Breakfast Show".
At the NTV7 Waiting Room.

At NTV7's News Room.

Watching others on TV while waiting for my turn.

Getting a touch up by NTV7's make-up artist.

Fixing the microphone.

Life telecast now.

A photo with the 3 handsome "The Breakfast Show" hosts after the show.