Wednesday, December 24, 2008

CNY 2009 Cookies

Hi, it's the time of the year again for a big Chinese celebration. This year the Chinese New Year Celebration is much earlier and closer to Christmas than before. I had to put on hold some of the incoming requests for cookies list and order as I was busy with Christmas and other cake orders.
I'm now open to receive cookies orders. The closing date for order is 17 January 2009 and the last date for delivery is 24 January 2009. Kindly place your orders through email or sms. You may make inquiry through phone.
This year I've selected the following best sellers or 2008 Chinese New Year. They are arranged in order of popularity.

1. Pineapple Jam Roll (50 pieces) RM30
Baked with pure imported butter.

2. Mixed Grains Crisp (200g) RM20
A healthy mix of sunflower, pumpkin and melon seeds.

3. Cornflake Raisin (optional) (50 pieces +/-) RM16
Baked with good quality cornflakes. Some prefer it without raisin.

4. Almond Crisp (200g) RM21
A healthy snack full of the goodness of almond.

5. Spicy Prawn (first from right on top row) RM18
Baked with ground dried shrimp and spices. It's in the popular list since year 2000.

6. Shortbread RM18
Baked with imported unsalted pure butter (no egg). Rich and yummy.

7. Green Pea Cookies M17
Baked with ground green pea.

8. Peanut Cookies RM14 (no photo)
Traditional peanut cookies baked with ground toasted peanut.