Monday, October 6, 2008

'Gar Lui' Cupcakes

30 boxes of 'Gar Lui' Cupcakes with 6 cupcake roses in sweet yellow and pink. RM12.50 each box.
'Gar Lui' means marrying off daughter in Cantonese. Traditionally the bride-to-be's parents will give relatives and close friends a box of 'Gar Lui Pneang" (wedding biscuit) which consists of 2 Chinese pastry biscuit with bean paste fillings and a red color Chinese 'double happiness' character stamped on top of the biscuits. This gesture is to inform the relatives and close friends that their daughter is getting married but they won't be invited to a wedding dinner. (Correct me if I'm wrong, hehe...)
I recommended the modern version in the form of cupcakes to my customer and she liked it.

6" x 4" gold boxes with red 'double happiness' stickers.