Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dibo The Gift Dragon

Received order for this cake from Kristine who ordered the Star Burst Cake sometime back. Her 3-year old son loves Dibo the Gift Dragon. For this project I'd spent days watching the cartoon show and sketched the characters one by one with colors recorded. You might ask why can't I copy from the website. Well, the reason simply being because the characters in this cake are 3D.

Three of Dibo's friends were done few days in advance. However, due to the hot and rain weather for the past one week they didn't dry well and some had even melted. I'd to re-do all of them. Ghrrr... Apart from that I'm happy for the overall result and I hope Kristine and Kros like it too :o)

This side gets better view of Dibo's head.

This is Crono.

This is Annie who loves to bake.

This is Bunny and she is pink and she is always pretty. At least that's what she sings during each program, haha....

This is Alo.

1.5-recipe moist chocolate cake covered with gumpaste. Decorations: gumpaste and royal icing.
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