Friday, August 15, 2008

Topsy Turvy Cake for Aunt

This cake is done for my aunt's 70th 'dai sou' (big birthday) party. It took 10 recipes+ of cake batter to bake all the layers. I've been wanting to do a wonky/topsy turvy cake for a long time but didn't get the opportunity. Since this is a gift the pressure is off. So, why not take this great opportunity to try this balancing act ;o)
The base of this cake is 10" diameter at the bottom and 8" on the top of the top tier. The cake is enough to feed 100 people. Each tier has different flavor, moist chocolate for the bottom, coffee butter for the center and orange butter for the top. The cake is sandwiched and frosted with butter cream and covered with fondant with fondant decorations. I'm going to transport to a destination about 25 km away from my house :P

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