Friday, June 6, 2008

Sugee Cake for a combined celebration

This cake was for a man's birthday and wedding anniversary. His daughter ordered the cake for a small family dinner. Mum likes needle work while dad is a handyman.
This photo is a bit dark but I chose it to show the lustre dust on the writings, hammer, needle and yarn.

Look at the messages from a wonderful daughter to her parents. They speaks loads about a close and loving relationship. I can even feel the love and warm while decorating this cake.

Side view to show the ribbons tied on each cupcake as well as on the side of the cake board itself. Loads of time involved. Almost got my fingers burned as well.

Center: 6" round sugee cake layered with buttercream and covered with fondant. Gumpaste yarn, fondant knitting needle and hammer, royal icing writing all painted with different color lustre dusts.
Cupcakes: 12 pieces Small Souffle Sugee Cupcakes iced with buttercream. Royal icing writing with silk ribbon.

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