Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wedding Favor Sample Mini Cupcakes

These are wedding favor sample mini cupcakes decorated with fondant, crusting buttercream, gold and silver dragees.

The top 2 rows 7 plain cupcakes with simple designs are vanilla buttercake, RM1.00 each.
Those 3 in the 3rd row are Madeira cake decorated with fondant. The two on the left and right are priced at RM1.30 each while the one in the center is RM1.80. The butterfly is handmade with pastillage and painted with silver dust.
The other green and white cakes are Madeira Cake decorated with crusting buttercream and silver & gold dragees, priced RM1.20 each.

Below are all vanilla buttercake decorated with crusting buttercream and gold dragees. Price: RM1.20 each.

Bulk discount applies.

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