Sunday, December 16, 2007

More Christmas Cupcakes

My dear friend it really into Vanilla Muffin with Blueberry fillings. She ordered one recipe of them in Standard 'Nut & Party' cups with 2D Christmas tree decoration. Since it's the first time I baked the recipe in these cups I didn't know how full to fill the cups. They turned out with a dome on top which are perfect for dipping in poured fondant but not doing the 2D design she requested. So, I decided to do the Christmas ornament designs which I'd been wanting to try. Here's how they turned out. The hanger button and 'string' are made from fondant and piping was done with crusting buttercream.

Pastel colored poured fondant with fondant decorations.

More designs with bright red.

These are my friend's order: 16 2D Christmas trees.
Just received her comment: "I love my Christmas trees."

Pricing: RM3.00 for Christmas Tree cupcakes and RM4.00 for the other designs.

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