Friday, December 14, 2007

40th Wedding Anniversary Cake

A friend ordered this cake for her parents who will be celebrating their 40th Wedding Anniversary this Sunday. I made a pair of brown bears initially but the bears became overweight overnight! The heads were too heavy and it weighed down the bodies. I discarded them and did a second pair of yellow bears with different design.

I played with the decorations and finally came out with this version. I'm still not very happy with it as I really prefer gold dust painted on tiny tear drop icing hearts. The gold dust was out of stock and I only bought silver dust for my next project :o(

The photos were just taken few minutes ago. So, the lighting is not too good. Hopefully can get better pictures tomorrow.

Description of cake: Vanilla Buttercake layered with buttercream and walnut. 6"x4" top tier and 9"x4" bottom tier. Icing: fondant. Handmade sugar bears and hearts. Royal icing handwritings. Price: RM250.00

Initial version which I found it to be too plain.

My second pair of yellow bears. The number of flowers are six which means "I Love You Very Very Much" ;o)

The first pair of brown bears which sacked down and really became old mama & papa, hahaha....

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