Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tok Wan's Birthday Cake

Received confirmation of order for this cake on Sunday afternoon. It's for a very important top leader of this country. He will celebrate his birthday tonight.
Not much time to do a more elaborated cake. I have chosen the Red Velvet Cake because I was informed the family loves it.

I'm actually testing out 2 recipes of Red Velvet Cake on this cake. I used a recipe that calls for vegetable oil (I chose sunflower oil) for the top tier and another recipe that uses butter for the bottom tier. Personally I like the texture and taste of the second one.

Descriptions of cake:
2-tier double-height (4") 6" and 9" Red Velvet Cake sandwiched with cream cheese frosting and decorated with black and white melted chocolate, handmade chocolate sea shells, 2-sided heart shape plaque and fondant little hearts with gold dragees. This cake was sold at RM250 but the price for next order will be RM280 (excluding transport charges) . I've decided to give the customer the discount for giving me the opportunity to test the new recipes on her and her family ;o)
Another view to see the handmade chocolates which resemble the Belgian Chocolate Seashells on top the first and second tiers. I've selected good quality chocolates that really taste yummy.

Top view close-up.

This is the look or the Red Velvet Cake before decorating. This cake has its origin from Southern United States. It's main ingredients are buttermilk, butter (or shortening or vegetable oil) and cocoa powder. The color of the cake basically comes from red food coloring. Most recipes call for 2 oz of red food coloring (equivalent to 2 bottles of liquid food coloring you see in supermarkets or bakery supply shops). I have reduced the amount to only one tablespoon (that's 1/4 of 2 oz) and even less for the last half of the bottom tier when I used imported no taste red food coloring.

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