Friday, November 30, 2007

Time-Out Man on the Couch Birthday Cake

I did this cake for a dear customer and friend who is turning 54 this coming Monday. The decorations are basically my message to him.

The cake is a super rich fruitcake which I baked 3 weeks ago. I was told he only loves fruitcakes. Hope he likes this recipe.

I took 2 days to do the character and put the whole cake together. The cake is covered and decorated with fondant and fondant mixed with gum tragacanth which is an expensive powder made from the sap of the root of a kind of plant.

This gentleman has been working too hard and here, on this cake, he has dosed off on his work ;o) The Bible and the message on the arrow are to tell him not to push off what's the utmost important for his soul.

Top view.


Size: 9" x 3"
Price: RM180 for this super rich fruit cake and RM150 for other flavors.

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