Friday, November 16, 2007

Chocolate Cupcakes For Christmas

A chocolate lover ordered some chocolate cupcakes recently. I thought I just decorate them with a hint of Christmas mood. The heads are Hershey's Kisses. I actually wanted to do all black mice but bought the wrong color Hershey's. Didn't read the label properly :p Anyhow, I really like the white ones. They look cuter. The tails are maraschino cherries dipped in white and dark chocolate. Almond flakes as ears.

These white Christmas mice are sitting on white chocolate ganache.

These black ones are sitting on, or rather swimming in ;) chocolate fudge.

Stary Stary Night with sea creatures gummy.

M&M Spiders.

Chocolate Swirl with M&M chocolate candy.

Colorful Lion.

Description: The cupcakes are baked and decorated with good quality imported cocoa powder and cooking chocolate.
Size: Standard (2.8" diameter)
Price per cupcake: RM4.50 for Christmas mice and RM4.00 for the other designs in this chocolate series. Minimum order for this series: 16 cupcakes.

Price of other cupcakes:
Plain cupcakes (chocolate, butter, etc) with buttercream or butter icing starts from RM3.00 per cupcake.
Cupcakes with fruits and nuts starts from RM3.50 each.
Cupcakes with fondant decorations starts from RM3.00 each.

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