Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why "My Sugar Creations"?

I've started a blog with multiply sometime last year with the blog name, ''. Then I decided to move to google blogger just before the month of Ramadhan. However, when I went to register 'mybake' with the Companies Commission of Malaysia yesterday I was not able to do so. The Commission had instead approved 'My Sugar Creations'. So, here am I operating as 'My Sugar Creations'.

Sugar, like salt and pepper, adds flavour to your food. It is the main ingredients for many desserts. More than that sugar is in the centre of many food art pieces. Go to my Cake Art links and you will know what I mean. Without sugar life is no fun.

Food, especially sugar creations are my passion. I'll definitely be burying myself in the creations of more sugar masterpieces for your taste buds, and off course, for mine and my lovely family's.

Look out for more entries as time goes by. :o)

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