Sunday, June 7, 2009

Penang Trip - Some Snapshots

I had a good trip to my husband's hometown, Penang. As I had been working so hard, both as a all-rounder hands-on home minister, chauffeur, baker, cake decorator, .....the list goes on, hehe...., my main agenda to go on this trip with my family and my parents-in-law is to hunt for good food and have a good rest. Talking about good food, I hit most of my target except Goay Chiap. This one really tough. I fell in love with its uniqueness about 3 years ago and had been wanting to eat it again but unfortunately I didn't succeed this trip too ;-(

As for others, I had Penang famous Sisters' Fried Koay Teow (don't appeared in The Star Section2 the next day after we ate at their store!!!), Hock Kian Mee, Yam Cake and Otak-Otak at the same store, Aki Pancake (featured in local TV food program 'Ho Chiak'), Penang's best durians at Lim Chong Teng's Farm (contact No. 04-8668551) at Balik Pulau followed by lemak assam laksa just a stone-throw away.

We managed to savour Aki Pancakes only after the third visit! He apologised for taking rest while I was hunting him down the previous visits. He gave me his contact number (012-4821077 - for those who are interested) and told me to call before coming next time 8p
I tried his chocolate banana pancake, meatfloss with cheese pancake and peanut butter with corn pancake. How's it? You have to taste it ;o)

Here are some pictures taken at Lim Chong Teng's farm at Balik Pulau. His farm has over 1000 durian trees and some of them over 100 years old!! If you plan to visit Penang this month, do drop by his farm. You'll never regret the experience, not only for the durians but also what's at the farm.

Mr Lim serves many varieties of durians including a Price-Winning hybrid. I like the durians from the 100-year old tree best, and also Udang Merah specie. Really yummy!!!

Egg separating machine working in progress. The machine separates the eggs into size A, B and C. I bought 120 eggs from the farm. They were so fresh and their yolks are so yellow. Like the omega plus eggs lah ;-) Mrs Lim said the eggs can last at room temperature for 3 weeks! Whoever received their orders from me this week and next week are the 'lucky' ones. Your cakes are baked with these eggs!

Chicken roaming free. These are not the egg-producing chicken. Those are in the cages. These are for meat ;p

One of the durian trees behind the house.

We had this refreshing queen of the fruits after durians and some farm-fresh home-made nutmeg drinks. No problem with 'over-heating' the body, haha...

Besides durians and mangostines, the farm also has dragon fruits, jackfruits and other local fruit trees. This is a young dragon fruit.

Mr Lim also has 2 peacocks (they are so noisy), turkeys, geese, rabbits and snakes sleeping on tree trunks! Mind you, not pets. They are the co-habitants of the farm.
By the way, I'm also a kampung girl. So, don't laugh at me like one that's "seperti katak di bawah tempurung" or the other way round, "seperti kuching kota di dalam kampung", hahaha... my creation...;p