Friday, May 1, 2009

Body Perfect Corporate Cake

My first big corporate cake for Body Perfect. Carved from 6kg Moist Chocolate Cake. Cake frosted with chocolate ganache and decorated with fondant.
The board and box were custom-made because the cake is too big for any board/box available in the bakery supply shops. The square cake itself is 12" square. That's before covering with ganache and fondant! I'm still having muscle ache from rolling the fondant that had to be big enough to cover the whole cake. The rolled out fondant almost covered my 4' round dinning table :P
Customer's feedback: The cake is alright. However, the texture of the cake is just a little dry.
My comment: This is the 3rd customers, out of so many as posted in my blog, who said the texture of the moist chocolate cake is a bit dry. This cake is supposed to be matched with rich chocolate fudge, i.e. layered and frosted with rich fudge, and it is best eaten after chilling. At least, that is the original recipe of Moist Chocolate Cake. However, when it is used for novelty cake, chocolate fudge and chilling won't be possible. So, the next best choice is a chocolate ganache frosting. That's why some people do find it a bit dry. However, I have many customers who commented it is nice and they love it when they bought novelty cake made of moist chocolate cake frosted with chocolate ganache. So, it's a matter of individual preference. However, I think it would be good to post my comment here so that you can make an informed choice when you decide to place an order with me :o)

Corporate logo and corporate colour.