Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roses & Cat for 45 year old mak

This order was made by one good daughter calling me all the way from Beijing. She's a Malay and she can write Chinese! Bravo!!
She ordered this cake for her mum's 45th birthday this Sunday. Mum loves roses. So, she requested me to put lots of roses on the cake. That's hard to do since she also wanted the numbers '4' and '5' on the cake. So, this is what I came out with. Though looks simple but took me few hours to decorate the cake.
Handmade fondant roses, butterfly and Cat.
1 recipe 8" square Moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate ganache and fondant.
Customer's feedback:
sorry fr de late reply. i've been away to xi'an for a week. i've just arrived in beijing yesterday. hehe i've seen the cakes on your blog and also the pics that my bro sent it to me. the cake was damn cute and sweet! i love it! tanx fr de idea and of course tanx fr baked it! it was marvellous. my lil' 1 years old cousin keep on licking the cake as the cake is very sweet. bak slogan KFC; "sedapnya hingga menjilat jari!" hehe. my famly said that the taste was good too. tidak membosankan and memuakkan. hehe


2D red rose outlined with gold pearl dust.