Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cupcake Favor Samples

Aida is planning for her wedding sometime this year. She wanted to taste my cakes and ordered 25 cuppies to be decorated with designs chosen by her. She also requested these samples to be packed in the box of 4 and 6 respectively.
Customer's feedback: Hi Faith, I don't like them, I love them! phew....for a moment I really thought she didn't like the cuppies :P The crustg buttercream is yummylicious, this is really a new term I learn from my customers, haha...portion just perfect with the "innocent" cupcake Not sure what she meant by that. Hey Aida, care to clarify ;o) Just wait for my next orders.
Aida's reply: What I meant by "innocent" cupcake is it's just plain n simple yet very nice, not so sweet, ready 2b complemented with its match; i.e. the sweet icing. That's very nice of you. TQ Aida.