Saturday, March 7, 2009

Azren's Wedding Base Cake

Wedding cake?? Huh, why so plain?? Haha...these 2 cakes are going to be decorated with fresh flowers by the bride herself.
Ariefah's friend, Azren is getting married this coming Monday. This must be a good weekend. I've done 2 wedding cakes and 1 'hantaran' cake just for for this weekend.
Azren's baker was admitted to ICU and I came to her rescue (my 2nd rescue case, haha...)
6"x4" and 9"x4" round moist chocolate cake sandwiched and frosted with chocolate ganache. They are going to be stacked with separators in between.

This is the photo emailed to me by Azren.
Azren's feedback: The cake was great. We decorated with fresh roses n peacock. It was simple yet beautiful. It tasted good too, very rich chocolate. It finished on the day itself. Thanx Faith.