Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thomas & Friends Cake

This is really not my day. It rained before dawn till afternoon and gloomy till night :P I struggled doing the sugar work due to that as the fondant was too soft and wet to handle. On top of that I was doing free hand cutting and pasting. Spent 3 hours just on deco. Really frustrating. Couldn't iron out the crusting buttercream too as it didn't crust in this weather. Hope Fayyadh likes it.
Description: 2-recipe 10" square moist chocolate cake with crusting buttercream and fondant deco.
Customer's feedback:
The cake was yummy...Everybody likes it....moist, soft and not too sweet...the 10-inch cake...just nice..enough for everyone, and able to pack and bring back guests coming around 40++ (include kids and adults).
Fayyadh love the design...he's so mesmerize..looking at the cake...with his cheeky smile...and pointed at the cake, OMAS....and he can't stop looking at it....
Will recommend for my friends...Thanks a lot, for designing a wonderful cake for fayyadh..!!
Thank you Hafizah for the wonderful feedback :0)