Friday, November 14, 2008

Spiderman for Jian Yang

I received this order from Barney Cake Yiu Yiu's mummy's friend, I know it's a very mouthful way of putting it ;P Even though I was doing 260 cupcakes for Charmyane's fullmoon this order was too hard to turn down because I like doing designs I haven't done before, haha...

Moist chocolate cake covered with fondant. Spiderman and birthday boy's name are gumpaste. Spider web is chocolate ganache. It's better to use royal icing as I smeared the web while fixing Spidy.

The web on Spidy's costume was piped on using royal icing.

I know spider has 8 legs but I only piped 6. No space to sqeeze more lor ;P

In a hurry. Royal icing bright red 'Happy Birthday' and border didn't have enough time to dry properly before photograph was taken. The cake was delivered immediately after the decorations were completed.